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Welcome to for free online jigsaw puzzles and pictures. Jigsaw puzzles are a fun activity for all age groups, many adults and children love the challenge of solving puzzles. Playing jigsaw puzzles help keep your mind active and agile, and this is helpful especially as we get older. For young children it helps them develop observational skills and hand / eye co-ordination skills. Jigsaw puzzles make for a great present and you can buy jigsaw puzzles for kids and adults on our Amazon links below.

Take time out and spend a few minutes each day having fun solving our online puzzles. Want a challenge? then try and better your own time taken to solve a jigsaw for different numbers of puzzle pieces. You can use your own favourite picture to do the challenge as you can use your own picture(s) stored on your computer to create your own jigsaw using the Create puzzle button. Select the number of pieces you want to use from the drop down menu, or play with default settings.

Cat picture 9 - A very cute kitten

Click on the picture for a larger image. To save the picture open the larger image and then right click your mouse and select Save picture as ...

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